About Rubix IT Solutions

Reducing expenses and driving efficiency is as simple as ABC.

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Achieve increased profits

Business Efficiency

Cut Costs

Rubix ABC is a business process efficiency solution that is proven.

The software integrates into a law firms existing case management system and phone system to drive efficiency into the operational processes you have in place.

Rubix ABC has been provide to reduce expenses by up to 40%, increase case efficiency, improve client service with the resultant impact of delivering increased profits

Using our technology and experience we work with you to remove from your experienced Solicitors and Lawyers the day to day tasks that take time and slow matters down. Once identified our software intelligently works to ensure information is obtained and your case management system is updated.

The impact of the software is to ensure vital information for case progression is obtained quickly and efficiently, Solicitors and Lawyers can focus on giving legal advice for which they earn fees and clients are kept informed and up to date.

Whether routine tasks or ad hoc specialist tasks, whether installed into a large department with thousands of transactions or a specialist niche environment Rubix ABC works!

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