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Total control of your emails

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Rubix MailMinder ensures that your business never misses an email for any reason.

Firms receive emails constantly and most of these will be sent to individual users, often will not be completely visible to the firm and will almost certainly not be posted to your chosen case management system.

Rubix MailMinder integrates with your Exchange Server and based on a set of rules which will be created by your business enable you to decide what happens to the emails as they arrive or are sent and you will not be reliant on an individual taking action.

MailMinder will scan the email and determine if the email is related to one of your cases or clients by interrogating your system and searching for key case information. For example:-

  • If an email includes a reference is will recognise this and post a copy directly to your case management system
  • MailMinder can reply to messages i.e. to confirm receipt of the email or to request a reference if it is missing.

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MailMinder is a rules based system which you control

MailMinder not only enables you to gain control through visibility but saves case handling time as users no longer have to manually attach emails and documents to the case management system as it is completed automatically.For a demonstration of the software or to enquire about pricing then contact us. Alternatively if you are a Visualfiles user you can also speak to your Visualfiles Account Manager.