Rubix MailMinder ensures that your business never misses an email for any reason

Companies receive emails constantly and most of these will be sent to users. As a result, these won't be completely visible to the firm and will almost certainly not be posted to your chosen case management system unless the user manually does this.

Rubix MailMinder integrates with your Exchange Server and based on a set of rules created by you will automatically scan the email and decide if it related to your case and posts a copy directly in your case management system without any manual intervention.

As the software integrates directly with Exchange, it doesn’t matter if the user is away from the office or even if their PC is off, Rubix MailMinder will continue to scan the email and move these directly to your central system.

Rubix MailMinder can also reply to messages automatically i.e. to confirm receipt of the email or ask for a reference if it is missing allowing mailboxes to be completely unmonitored.

Download the specification

To see the power of Rubix MailMinder in action contact us for a demonstration of our software.