About Rubix IT Solutions

No upfront installation costs, simply pay per document
Send first 10 documents for free and see for yourself how powerful the software is

Getting documents signed by your clients or other parties is a cumbersome process. With Rubix Signable you can get documents signed securely, legally and in a matter of minutes with our powerful software. Adding a document could not be easier. Simply send the document using our software to the recipients email address and using a PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone the document can be signed within seconds.

Rubix Signable integrates seamlessly with Visualfiles which means that as soon as the document has been signed it is instantly added to your case ensuring that you will never lose track of important documents. Need more than 1 person to sign the document? rubix Signable allows you to send more than 1 document to more than 1 recipient. It really is that easy.

Rubix Signable

The video above demonstrates the software in use. To get more information or to enquire about pricing, call us on 0208 437 0898 or make an Online Enquiry. Alternatively speak to your Visualfiles Account Manager.