About Rubix IT Solutions

Bespoke Software

Tailored desktop and web solutions developed for your specific requirements

No two companies are the same but off the shelf software products are. As your business evolves and develops often gaps will appear in your business processes. The efficiencies that you once had now start to be reduced because the off the shelf provider cannot of course fill these gaps. This is where Rubix Technology can.

We develop cost-effective, innovative and tailored software for organisations that overcome these pitfalls.

Software that is made to measure

Whether you require a simple desktop application or a web based (cloud) application we have created a variety of different unique solutions for companies large and small.

Desktop Applications

We can provide bespoke desktop software tailored to your specific needs which one or many users can access. The software is always designed to fit around your requirements and to integrate if needed with other systems you may use.

Cloud Applications

We can provide bespoke and tailored applications which are hosted within the cloud providing you with the ability to access these anywhere, securely and with the reassurance of continual backup of crucial information.

Bespoke development that saves you time and money

Bespoke software is ‘one of a kind’, tailored for your business. We develop our software to make updates quick and easy, keeping costs to a minimum.

Design, Develop, Support

Remember we never charge you to understand your requirements and where possible provide fixed fees. Our goal at all times is to save you money and improve efficiency.

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Our Case Studies

a brief insight to the work completed for some of our clients

example case study

Our client a nationwide law practice with Solicitors in London, Bromley and Manchester.

How could Rubix Technology help?

We worked with our customer to go paperless across their entire company. This was achieved. However what does the customer do for all of their existing paper files? Normally of course these would be archived with an external company and retained for 6 years or more. The expense in collecting and storing the files were huge.

We realised that a simple software solution could be designed and built allowing our customer to use their existing high speed scanners to scan in each case and store the information securely in the cloud. The software provided unique indexing capabilities allowing the files to be easily searched and retrieved securely from the cloud whenever needed. The development of this software was designed to our customers exacting requirements and from the initial conversation to complete implementation took less than 10 days.