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Mobile App development

Tailor made apps for iOS and android

More and more customers are expecting companies to deal with them using mobile applications. Rubix Technology can provide you with mobile application software which can also integrate with your internal systems improving your customers interaction with you.

We have extensive knowledge of iOS and android platforms allowing us to build interactive and visually appealing applications.

Interact on the move

Mobile Applications are a great way of communicating and interacting with your customers. Rubix Technology can design develop and deploy mobile applications which will stand you apart from your competitors.

Custom mobile application development

Every mobile application is different and Rubix Technology can provide the expertise to build a mobile application which completely meets your needs.

our case studies

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example case study

Our client a volume firm of solicitors required a mobile application to allow their customers to interact with them using a mobile app.

How could Rubix Technology help ?

Rubix Technology developed an application which allows our clients customers to log in securely using the application, obtain updates on their legal case and interact with their legal representative when required.

The application that we designed allows our client's customers to provide necessary information when required to progress their case and push notifications can be sent to our client's customers ensuring their legal transaction is concluded in the quickest possible time.

Design, Develop, Support

Remember we never charge you to understand your requirements and where possible provide fixed fees. Our goal at all times is to save you money and improve efficiency so

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