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website design

website design that communicates your business
goals whilst following the latest trends

Your website acts as an essential business tool and provides you with your unique personality
to stand out from your competitors. First impressions count, so don’t let your website
be the reason for not attracting new clients and keeping existing ones.

With extensive knowledge of website design we can help you increase
your firms brand awareness and client satisfaction with a professional, modern and fully functional site.

Years of Experience

With years of experience at our finger tips, we have created websites for both large and small companies which range from clean cut and intuitive to complex and fully functional sites.

divorce website by Rubix IT Solutions
divorce website by Rubix It Solutions
divorce website by Rubix IT Solutions
MTA Web by Rubix IT Solutions

Improve your firms efficiency

Your website has the power to expand and develop, enabling your customers to interact in a seamless way by utilising the latest technology, creating a link between your website and your systems. This integration can dramatically improve your law firm’s efficiencies and lower overheads by eliminating administrative tasks. Functional websites can offer your clients improved user experience.

Design, Develop, Support

Remember we never charge you to understand your requirements and where possible provide fixed fees. Our goal at all times is to save you money and improve efficiency.

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our websites are smart!

With an increase in the use of handheld devices, we understand the requirement to have a website which can be viewed and interacted with using smart phones and tablets. We create all our websites responsively; so whatever handheld device your client uses, your site will work both effectively and efficiently for the ultimate user experience.

Personalised Portals

Fully Functional Websites - Creating a fully functional website allowing your customers to interact with you online can increase your efficiency and improve the customer experience. These days customers expect to be able to communicate with you online. Rubix Technology can create secure customer portals for your every need with integrated security levels. All our creations are bespoke, so you tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest!

our case studies

a brief insight to the work completed for some of our clients

example case study

Our client processes around 20,000 re-mortgage transactions each year. They required the customer to complete a 4 page paper form to commence the legal transaction. This form was then received by post and manually keyed into their system by their staff.

How could Rubix Technology help ?

We realised that if we built our client a secure login area on their website and provide the functionality for the customer to complete the paper form on line it would rapidly improve turnaround, validation of the mediainformation being provided and importantly as the customer uses their email address as their login, they would have this information so that the rest of the transaction could be undertaken by email.

We spent time with our customer to understand their requirements and within 2 months had a system built and ready for testing.

Since the sites was launched a staggering 99.85% of their customers now complete their information on line (some people still love paper!) The information collected is validated correctly at the point of entry and populated directly into their case management system.