About Rubix IT Solutions

No more manually attaching emails into Visualfiles

Email is an essential business tool and everyone depends on this to communicate with clients or other parties throughout any legal matter. Our software is designed to silently monitor your mailbox and using rules you create, scan the incoming or outgoing email and determine if this is related to a case you are working on. If it is, the email and contents will be imported directly onto your case allowing you to respond to the email and importantly have a complete audit trail of all emails related to the legal matter.

The software works seamlessly with the Visualfiles Case Management software with complete integration into Microsoft Exchange. We take privacy very seriously and the software always resides within your organisation and you determine how the emails are scanned.

Video coming soon

For a demonstration of the software or to enquire about pricing then contact us. Alternatively if you are a Visualfiles user you can also speak to your Visualfiles Account Manager.